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The Summer High School Association

The Summer High School Association (Kesälukioseura ry) was founded in 1965 to promote the voluntary study and leisure activities of young people, and to organize experimental, and research activities relating to studying and teaching. The Association plans and implements summer high schools and organizes courses for refugee groups living in Finland, in their own language and culture. Moreover the Association engages in publishing.


Summer High Schools

Summer High School in Helsinki I 5 –16.6 Helsinki
Summer High School in Kiljava 5–16.6. Kiljava
Summer High School in Tuusulanjärvi 5–16.6 Järvenpää
Summer High School in Jyväskylä 10–20.7. Korpilahti
Summer High School in Eastern Tavastia 17–27.7. Hartola
Summer High School in Helsinki II 24.7–4.8 Helsinki

Theme Summer High Schools

Baltic Sea Summer High School 5–12.6 Seili
Summer High School for Writers 5–14.6 Turku
Math and Science Summer High School 6–22.6 Punkaharju
Summer High School in Eastern Lappland 26.6.–10.7 Salla
Summer High School for Immigrant Young People I 6–13.7 Anjala
Physical Education and Sport Summer High School 17–25.7 Nurmes
Finland 100 Summer High School 24.7.–3.8. Turenki
Summer High School for Immigrant Young People II 25.7.–1.8. Anjala
Summer High School for Immigrant Girls 29.7–5.8 Helsinki
Finnish Language and Culture Summer High School 31.7.–6.8 Turenki

Summer High Schools Abroad

Summer High School in Spain 14–23.6 Valladolid
Summer School in France 26.6.–2.7. Paris
Språkbad på Gotland 15–22.7 Hemse
Summer School in England 21–28.7 Durham

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Afgan 26.6.–2.7. Kannonkoski
Myanmarese 26.6.–2.7. Kuortti
Sudanese 10.–16.7. Kannonkoski
Somalian 10.–16.7. Eurajoki
Vietnamese 14.–20.7. Nummijärvi
Congolese 14.–20.7. Rautavaara
Arabian 25.–30.7. Kuortti
Kurdish 26.7.–1.8. Ähtäri

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